Who and How to Refer


Innervate provides consultation, assessment and treatment of pain to all members of the community, either through the Medicare system or to compensable patients. Pain management treatment is aimed at improving activity and quality of life despite the presence of pain.

Innervate Psychologists also offer a range of services for adults with a range of different difficulties, concerns, and disorders, we don’t just treat pain.

We see patients under Medicare, DVA, BUPA/defence, EAP, workers comp, CTP.

At Innervate Pain Management there are a range of assessments for a variety of purposes. We take the assessment very seriously and will always provide a comprehensive report explaining all the tests that we have used, a complete explanation of the results, our opinion regarding the future treatment and a comprehensive list of recommendations so as you can best support your patient. 


Referrals are easy. You can simply address your referrals to Innervate Pain Management. Or if you prefer, to a specific psychologist. Extra support is available. Our connections with the multidisciplinary team means that if your patients need care beyond psychology, we are well-equipped to offer extra support. Access is flexible. We offer both face-to-face and telehealth appointments. We work in partnership with you. We keep you in the loop, providing regular patient updates.

Referrals can be sent to:

A Medicare rebate is available to individuals who have been referred with a Mental Health Care Plan. We also see clients who are self-funded, DVA and those with an accepted claim with an insurer.