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Intervention Services

Psychology Consultations

Includes providing evidence-based treatment with clients on an individual basis. Treatment generally involves the following areas:

  • Provide education regarding persistent pain, as well as information about any relevant mood or anxiety related issues
  • Developing active self-management strategies for persistent pain
  • Addressing any relevant psychosocial barriers
  • Liaison with treating professionals and relevant stakeholders

Counselling Consultations

Includes addressing psychosocial, environmental or vocational issues using evidence-based treatment with clients on an individual basis. Treatment generally involves the following areas:

  • General counselling to encourage the patient to participate in activities at home, in the community and at work
  • Motivational interviewing to support patients to identify and implement specific goals
  • Rehabilitation counselling to support the worker in adjusting to an injury or disability, which has resulted in functional and associated lifestyle changes
  • Financial counselling for assistance with changes in personal circumstances
  • Vocational counselling to identify, redefine and engage patient in retraining and/or employment
  • Educating the patient with regard to their rights and obligations within government systems to alleviate embitterment

Concurrent Psychology/ Physical/ Rehabilitation Counsellor Consultations

For patients who require access to multi-disciplinary intervention such as psychological and physical, or require vocational counselling input Innervate provide services in the same location as Workplace Physiotherapy and can be developed individually based on client need.

Work Based Pain Management Consultations

Includes providing pain management strategies that can be utilised in a range of work related settings and promote and develop work readiness and work related goals

  • Provide education regarding persistent pain in the context of the workplace
  • Can assess problematic work tasks and make recommendations to integrate work based pain management strategies
  • Can identify work based pain triggers and make recommendations to the rehabilitation consultants or RTW coordinators for modifications
  • Can promote vocational readiness and vocational thinking for those clients who are unable to return to their pre injury roles


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