Bernadette Harris

Bernadette Harris -

Bernadette is a Clinical Psychology Registrar currently enrolled in the PhD (Clinical Psychology) program at the University of New England. Bernadette’s psychology experience includes working in private practice, in the mental health unit of a private hospital, working for Lifeline in their text services, working at an aboriginal medical health service, and working in catholic […]

Elise Rowland

Elise Rowland -

Elise is a Clinical Psychology Registrar who completed the Master of Clinical Psychology at the University of Newcastle. Elise has an abiding interest in people, and a passion for group work, strength-based, trauma-informed and integrative approaches. Elise values authenticity, connection, individuality, safety, choice and self-reflection.  She uses a person-centered approach, drawing from a range of […]

Natasja Worsley

Natasja Worsley -

Natasja is a Clinical Psychology Registrar who started at Innervate on placement as part of her Master of Clinical Psychology degree. She has been working at Innervate since, while finalising the degree. She has experience across the lifespan in both private clinic and community health settings. She enjoys working with the diverse clients who come […]

Michaela Whiting

Michaela Whiting -

Michaela is a registered Occupational Therapist and holds a Master of Occupational Therapy from The University of Sydney. Michaela is passionate about supporting people of all abilities to engage in activities they find meaningful. Through her work in the Intensive Pain Program, Michaela values getting to know each participant and helping people connect or reconnect […]

Dr Kylie Bailey

Dr Kylie Bailey -

Dr Kylie Bailey is a senior clinical psychologist who has over 20 years’ experience working in disabilities, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, private practice, supervisor (at a psychology clinic), service manager and as an academic at the University of Newcastle. Kylie utilises evidence-based practices including motivational interviewing, CBT, ACT, emotional freedom technique, relapse prevention, […]

Leigh Murray

Leigh Murray -

Leigh is a registered psychologist, with extensive experience working with individuals and groups. She has worked in private practice, health clinics, university, and vocational settings. Leigh has assisted many people with anxiety, mood, adjustment and eating disorders, chronic pain, health, and general life concerns. Leigh takes a person-centred approach to therapy, with a special interest […]

Joel Irvine

Joel Irvine -

Joel has 5 years of experience in treating general musculoskeletal, sports and work-related injuries. Joel is a credentialed practitioner in Mechanical Diagnosis & Treatment, has a Post-graduate qualification in headache and spinal treatment. Joel has a strong interest in providing education and exercise prescription to rehabilitate a variety of injuries and conditions.

Scott Peisley

Scott Peisley -

Scott has a strong interest in musculoskeletal injuries and has been practicing in general, sports and work-related injuries for approximately 6 years. Scott also has a strong interest in providing functional strength and conditioning treatment to rehabilitate workers and the public.

David Elvish

David Elvish -

David co-founded Innervate Pain Management in 2005. David has 31 years’ experience with work-related musculo-skeletal injuries. David has completed two post-graduate Masters Degrees. David has been appointed as an Independent Physiotherapy Consultant with SIRA NSW since 1997, and was appointed as an APA Titled Pain Physiotherapist in 2018. David has been a committee member of […]

A/Prof Marc Russo

A/Prof Marc Russo -

Associate Professor Russo co-founded Innervate Pain Management in 2005. A/Prof Russo’s vision was to provide a multidisciplinary approach to pain management and developed Australia’s first private successful multidisciplinary pain management model. Using this approach with clinical diligence, early intervention, education and research in the field of pain management, he successfully treats patients suffering from chronic […]