What We Do

We provide prompt evidence-based psychological assessment, treatment and management

Chronic pain is a complex problem that often requires a multifaceted approach. Innervate Pain Management provides a wraparound service as we are a multidisciplinary team who manage chronic pain. We are non-judgemental, patient-centred and aim to be a one stop shop where we can provide patients with active pain management strategies,  support,  and assistance with how to improve their quality of life. We work collaboratively with the patient to help them achieve their goals as well also advocate for treatments and activities of daily living needs.

Our Clinical / Psychologists have extensive experience in mental health and addiction psychology, as well as expertise in chronic pain.

Pain Psychology utilises active pain management strategies with a focus on practical techniques to improving quality of life and developing the ability to “self-manage” chronic pain.  Addressing fear of movement, pain catastrophising and improving self confidence to manage pain, helps to set and achieve SMART goals.

On average we work with people for six to twelve months. This time working with us is a period of considerable change. We use a range of evidence-based interventions to assist the patient to develop new skills, build knowledge about chronic pain, and working with different team members takes time and requires support. In short, we empower the patient to understand their pain and make informed choices about their treatment and pain management.

After receiving a referral we’ll book the patient in for an assessment. The assessment will determine a treatment plan. This treatment plan may be – individual pain psychology sessions, the Intensive Pain Management Program, or a combination of both. We will also refer and collaborate with our other colleagues who include APA titled Pain Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Chronic Pain Specialists and their nursing team. 

Individual Pain Psychology treatments are an evidence-based strategy for improving quality of life and pain outcomes for people living with chronic pain.

Common features of Pain Psychology treatment are:

What We Do - prompt assessment

We work collaboratively to help your patient manage their pain