What We Do

Our goal is to provide prompt assessment and management that is in line with evidence based best practice.

Chronic pain is a complex problem that often requires a multifaceted approach. Innervate Pain Management is a multidisciplinary team who assist people to manage their chronic pain. We can provide them with the support, assistance and advice that they need to improve their quality of life. 

Our Psychologists have extensive experience in general psychology and special expertise in chronic pain. Pain psychology helps people to develop better strategies to manage pain independently.

Pain Psychology emphasises practical techniques to improving quality of life and developing the ability to “self-manage” chronic pain. 

On average we work with people for six to twelve months. This time working with us is a period of considerable change. Trailing different interventions, developing new skills, building knowledge about chronic pain and working with different team members takes time and requires support.

After receiving a referral we’ll book the patient in for an Assessment. The assessment will determine a treatment plan. This treatment plan may be – individual pain psychology sessions, the Intensive Pain Management Program, or a combination of both. 

Individual Pain Psychology programs are an accepted evidence-based strategy for improving quality of life for people living with chronic pain.

Common features of a Psychology of Pain program are:

What We Do - prompt assessment

We work collaboratively to help your patient manage their pain