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We can help you manage the impact that pain has on your world.

Chronic Pain is any pain that lasts more than a few months and it is a very complex problem. When we experience pain after an injury or illness, we expect the pain to stop once the injury is stable. Unfortunately, the pain does not always stop, and it can continue long after the body’s tissues have stabilised. Medical treatments to relieve the pain are less likely to help, and the experience of chronic pain can affect all parts of a person’s life. When someone first develops pain that may be the only issue.

However, over time other problems develop. For example, there may be work problems, difficulties within the family, or withdrawal from social and leisure activities. There may also be sleep problems, depression, anxiety, or things like using alcohol or drugs to cope. Over a relatively short period of time the person’s body can also change, so they become tighter and weaker in certain areas, or they may avoid certain movements that cause pain. All these issues make the problem bigger than just the pain itself.

The team at Innervate Pain Management are some of the most experienced you will find, and their commitment to helping people with chronic pain is second to none. We know how to help someone who has been struggling with pain, and we know how to work with them to help them get their life back. We regularly help people to improve their pain, get back to work, improve their relationships, start up new hobbies and interests, and get back into family life.

How Can We Help - manage your pain
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A referral to a psychologist for help with a pain problem can seem a bit unusual at first. Many people’s initial reaction is: “Psychologists deal with mental problems. My pain is a physical problem. Does this mean the doctor thinks it’s all in my mind?” Specialist Psychologists frequently work to help people with pain who do not have a psychological diagnosis.

Psychologists work in two areas with people with chronic pain. First, pain affects people and their life and they may develop depression, insomnia, anxiety, pain attacks, drug or alcohol problems, relationship conflict. Psychologists can help you manage these. Second, psychologists can assist people learn effective coping skills, such as relaxation and meditation, pacing, and dealing with flare-ups.

A psychologist is tertiary qualified and they specialise in the assessment and treatment of a range of difficulties. Innervate psychologists are experts in health and injury related psychological concerns. Psychologists do not prescribe medication or carry out physical examinations.

We can help with other concerns, not just pain.

We know that everyone experiences tough times. We also know that talking things through with a trusted professional can help you to think differently and also enable you to take action, both of which promote a positive influence on your happiness and well-being. We understand that everyone has different needs, so at Innervate we help you to develop a unique solution to your particular situation. We know change is sometimes difficult, but we also know that people can do it, because we are privileged to see people make amazing life changes every day. 

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