Making an Appointment

Everything you need to know when making an appointment with us.

When you first call we will briefly discuss your needs to determine who is the right psychologist for you to see. We will then recommend some appointment times for you. You will need a referral from your GP or a medical specialist. You can make the appointment without the referral but please ensure that we receive a copy BEFORE the day of your appointment.  

To qualify for a rebate from Medicare, a patient must be referred by a GP. The referral must also include a copy of your Mental Health Care Plan.

Our psychologists are registered DVA health care professionals and are able to provide services to veterans. If you have a veteran gold card, or veteran white card that covers mental health treatment, then under the DVA non-liability mental health program, eligible veterans receive funded mental health treatment. To see us under this scheme you must have a referral from your GP.

Our SIRA approved psychologists provide treatment to injured workers under the NSW Workers Compensation Act and to people who have sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident under the NSW CTP scheme. A referral is required from your nominated treating Doctor before treatment can commence.

If you have workers compensation, motor vehicle accident, another form of insurance they may pay for the consultation. You need to obtain approval for the consultation prior to attending or you will need to pay for the consultation on the day. We can assist you with seeking insurer approval.

Please note that as a private practice we do not bulk bill. As such you will need to pay for the consultation on the day and then claim back a Medicare rebate or Private Health Insurance rebate. We have eftpos facilities available, and also accept cash and cheque payments. 

Making An Appointment - making an appointment
Making An Appointment - making an appointment

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